27 November 2021

Avoid-A-Void – Musique Noir

Releasedate: 26-10-2012; Label: Echozone
By: Sabine van Gameren

Avoid-a-Void is a German duo that makes Electro Pop/synth pop. The band released their debut album “Abyss Desires” before which caught some interest in the scene and now the band is back with a second full length release. “Musique Noir” is out now.

“Musique Noir” is an album that shows multiple sides. One one side they go into darkness have this depressive sound over them, but on the other side there is plenty of catchiness to be found which are probably make you get wild on the dance floor. Have you heard the track once, the next time you hum along already which shows that the album sticks in mind easily. The essence of it all can be found in the song writing, the guys know that their tracks should not be too long, get to the point rather fast and then stretch the impact of it to the max. If we have to say if it is very unique, no that probably not. The band is building their own face, by giving their sound a little twist here and there, but it seems they are still looking for a sound that defines them completely. Who cares, when albums like this are made, it is safe to step on board and enjoy the ride with them!

Falo – Vocals
Rico – Music, Production

01. Musique Noire
02. Myself Within
03. Nothing
04. Untouchable
05. No View
06. Yearn For Your Proximity
07. S Got Kryptonite
08. Flowers
09. Who Cares
10. Love Was Dead

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