24 June 2024

Gothminister – Pandemonium II: The Battle Of The Underworlds

Releasedate:   03-05-2024
Label: AFM Records

Gothminister is gothic mastodon from Norway. This year the band presented the second part of “Pandemonium”, which was out two years ago via AFM Records as well.  

I’d like to step back from comparing present record with previous one, cut out prefix and let “The battle of the underworlds” speaks another story.

This time we have twelve tracks with predominate dark narratives, which shaded music aside. Besides the gothic and even industrial background, the records includes several metal elements. Although, in general, it is pretty close to marching with the vocal passage declared conquer strategy.

Not being involved in the game, there is the list of good to know tracks. The opener “Battle of the Underworlds” is dramatic and heroic at the same time. I really like female back vocals that made any melody more intrigued. The next couple of songs has bright (or positive) vibrates. They are “One Dark Happy Nation” and “We Come Alive“. Technically, material is not as heavy as the rest, nevertheless touch of 80’s effects. The last mentioned track (and my favorite) desribes “Gothminister” in the way it supposed to be. And it’s “I Will Drink Your Blood“.

After all, I highly recommend “Pandemonium” for those who didn’t get it yet. The first part.

Line up:

  • Bjørn Alexander Brem “Gothminister”– Vocals
  • Eirik “Blodøks” Øien  – Bass
  • Glenn “Icarus” Nilsen – Guitars
  • Ketil “Turbo Natas” Eggum – Guitars
  • Christian Svendsen “Chris Dead”– Drums


  1. Battle of the Underworlds
  2. We Live Another Day
  3. Creepy Shadows
  4. One Dark Happy Nation
  5. I Am the Devil
  6. The Procession
  7. I Will Drink Your Blood
  8. Aftermath
  9. Tonight
  10. We Are the Heroes
  11. Monostereo Creature
  12. We Come Alive