24 June 2024

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Nell’Ora Blu

Releasedate: 10-05-2024
Label: Rise Above Records


Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats are back after six years of silence! This time, they brought us a very special album called “Nell’Ora Blu”, which is an epic tribute to Italian crime cinema from the late 60s/early 70s.
It features exclusive guest appearances from top stars of the Giallo & Poliziotteschi genres, including Franco Nero and Edwige Fenech. Let’s dig deep.


“Nell’Ora Blu” is a concept record and is almost 1,5h long! From the first moment on, it feels like a movie soundtrack. This is no surprise though since the band pays tribute to the Italian horror genre and presents “Nell’Ora Blu” as a soundtrack to an Italian horror movie. So what is the story exactly?

“Nell’Ora Blu” tells us the story of revenge: People are fed up with a corrupt Italian elected official, Giovanni Scarano, who is looting the treasury and bringing the small town to its knees. This is when a factory owner decides to turn to justice and have Giovanni Scarano murdered. Spoiler alert: He does get murdered after threatening phone calls and stalking.

Throughout “Nell’Ora Blu”, we get to hear the typical magnificent Uncle Acid sound; fuzzy riffs, that doomy atmosphere, clean vocals and a great production. In addition, the album also features Italian dialogues, interludes and transition songs in-between, making it flow and keeping that suspense. This is quite possibly the most experimental and conceptual this band has ever been and shows how they can blend a different concept into their own sound and surprise the fans. It has been especially impressive to hear that the band collaborated with the stars from this genre, giving “Nell’Ora Blu” an authentic touch. That being said, take your time with this one and listen to it from the beginning to the end to feel that tension and the atmosphere of the record.


“Nell’Ora Blu” is definitely recommended to Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats fans but also fans of Italian horror movies and concept albums. Kudos to these guys for pushing their boundaries!


  1. Il Sole Sorge Sempre
  2. Giustizia di Strada – Lavora Fino Alla Morte
  3. La Vipera
  4. Vendetta (Tema)
  5. La Bara Resterà Chiusa
  6. Cocktail Party
  7. Il Tesoro Di Sardegna
  8. Nell’ Ora Blu
  9. Il Chiamante Silenzioso
  10. Tortura Al Telefono
  11. Pomeriggio Di Novembre Nel Parco – Occhi Che Osservano
  12. Il Retorno Del Chiamante Silenzioso
  13. Solo La Morte To Ammanetta
  14. Il Gatto Morto
  15. Guidando Veloce Verso La Campagna
  16. L’Omicidio
  17. Resti Umani
  18. Sorge Anche Il Sole
  19. Ritorno All’Oscurità