26 November 2022

Gothminister – Pandemonium

Releasedate:   21st of October 2022
Label:  AFM Records

The Norwegian gothic/EBM formation Gothminister has over 20 years of history with six albums and lot of gigs on its back. They found popularity on EBM scene in Germany, and even hit the short-list of Eurovision on their Homeland. This fall the band dropped the seventh album via AFM Records.

All the work by Gothminister describes in three words “Gothic Electronic Anthems” as the band captured themselves almost twenty years ago. However, there is touch of metal in almost every track. Interesting, the word scoring results from brightest to blackest connotation look alike “believe, dream, home, no future, loneliness, darkness”.  Let see what this mix sounds like.

I won’t mention key tracks, any of them has its own charm. “Pandemonium” reminds of classy construction of any album and gig especially in the moment of curtains fall. The most danceable i.e. electronic track is “Demons”. As epigraph for this video says: “be careful fighting someone else demons – it may awake your own”. Probably party monster (gasps about 2000s gothic events 2000s). Then I must point “Star” which is so poetic and dramatic. Close the triplet of not heavy songs is “Bloodride”, the solid OST for some action or thriller.

The metal trio is “Kingdom rise”, “Norge” and “Run Faster” that speedy, melodic and partly anthems. The final track “This is Your Darkness” is probably bright light for the forthcoming records, gigs, etc. There is no good byes, just see you later in the game you will start again.

This is the most impressive half of hour you can spend. During listening to the record, you dive deeper and deeper into universe that the band created.


Line up:
  • Bjørn Alexander Brem „Gothminister“– Vocals
  • Eirik «Blodøks» Øien  – Bass
  • Glenn «Icarus» Nilsen – Guitars
  • Ketil «Turbo Natas» Eggum – Guitars
  • Christian Svendsen „Chris Dead“– Drums


  1. Abgrund (Abyss)
  2. Pandemonium
  3. Demons
  4. Star
  5. Sinister
  6. Kingdoms Rise
  7. Bloodride
  8. Norge
  9. Run Faster
  10. This Is Your Darkness