24 June 2024

ZOMBEAST – Heart Of Darkness

Releasedate:   17-05-2024
Label: Fiend Force Records / Massacre Records

The US-based formation “Zombeast” kept silence for ten years after debut. The second record titled “Heart Of Darkness” released at this May. 

The mastery of the band is stitching components of different genres. There is place for classic rock, early stoner, grunge and punk. In annotation it called “horror punk metal”. So let find out.

Heart Of Darkness” contains ten tracks and only couple of them maintained the memorable list. Both of them mentioned as promotional singles and even filmed. There are “Red Ripper” and “The Cycle“. The first is all about true crime with psychedelic notes. The second is a solid heavy metal example with not as harmonic guitar solo. On contrary with pointed tracks, there is absolutely punk “Torso” and “Call of Wild”. Everytime you tried to catch the tempo, you failed. There is kaleidoscopic compositions and only stable thing – voice. Clear and pathetic. Honestly, it was my motivation for review, because I haven’t heard anything familiar for a long time.

Zombeast” made some Frankenstein-ish experiment by mixing random genres. But the record with skeleton ripped out the chest on the cover is thoughtful and deep. That’s why “Heart Of Darkness” has a chance to be heard once at least.

Line up:

  • Mario Montechello – Vocals
  • Kyle Smith – Drums
  • Jared Smith – Guitar
  • Alex Young – Guitar
  • Steve Salcido – Bass


  1. Devil’s Whore
  2. Red Ripper
  3. Call Of The Wild
  4. Torso
  5. The Cycle
  6. Heart Of Darkness
  7. Cold Embrace
  8. The Witching Bell
  9. Night Demon
  10. Dark Path