19 April 2024

Habitants – Alma

Releasedate:   22-03-2023
Label: Psychonaut Records


Dutch formation Habitants has been formed by René Rutten which we know from The Gathering. The band released their debut album in 2018 and now returns with the release of “Alma”.

The album has a progressive sound but combined with various influences making it a dreamy and atmospheric sound that stands on its own. A couple of singles were released prior to this album. “Cod Fishing” is a track that gives a calm atmosphere. They slowly let the listener float into it and towards the end they let the intensity grow a bit more. The track “Highways” follows that idea but has a bit of a heavier and darker feel to it. Some of the compositions remind sligtly to the, also Dutch, formation Gggolddd in the way they can go from something small to something with a larger impact. Would be an interesting combination.

The single “Morgen” got already released in 2020 but it still made it to the album as well as the track “Bury The Earth” which is added as a bonus track. Some other tracks that capture the attention is the serene “If I Knew and “Youth” which is a track that really takes the listener by the hand and guides them along a vibrant adventure.

Altogether you can say that “Alma” is a release with a clear identity and yet a variety of songs that have an individual presence. An enchanting album that will be great for a wide variety of listeners. Habitants did a great job with that and for those who will attent Roadburn, it is our recommendation to check them out.

Line up:

  • Mirte Heutmekers – Bass
  • Anne van den Hoogen – Vocals
  • Jerome Miedendorp de Bie – Drums
  • René Rutten – Guitar
  • Gema Perez – Guitar, piano


  1. Highways
  2. Youth
  3. Future You
  4. Cod Fishing
  5. Morgen
  6. Alma
  7. If I Knew
  8. The Waiting Room
  9. Bury The Earth