19 April 2024
Daevar - Amber Eyes

Daevar – Amber Eyes

Release date:   22 March 2023
Label: The Lasting Dose Records


Cologne-based doom grunge trio Daevar are relatively new, but have some serious music chops. Sticking to their roots, the group combine the catchy, swaying melodies of grunge with the heaviness and mysticism of doom. Together, Daevar use both to create slow-burning soundscapes highlighted with blistering guitar solos. The group started just last year with their debut EP, Delirious Rites, which soon sold out. With no desire to slow down, Daevar are now proud to release their sophomore album, Amber Eyes.

The Album

The album hisses itself open with Lilith’s Lullaby, mesmerizing guitars falling away to positively sick riffs. Latifi’s echoing vocals juxtapose with Bausch’s harsh drums, the growling guitar providing a nice balance between the two. After this is the slowly crawling Pay to Pray, the guitars here slow and careful above slightly muffled drums. Latifi urges the song on when it gets too slow, the drums and guitar seeming to react in time to melancholy calls. Next, Caliban And The Witch uses a repetitive guitar sting under Latifi’s wandering vocals, the drums eerily minimal. Suddenly, the drums bang, bringing life to the track and in turn, weaving a dark and intriguing tale.

Halfway through, the titular Amber Eyes has a grinding guitar and quicker-paced drums under accentuated vocals. This track is light, catchy, and leans heavily into grunge while refusing to let go of the darkened doom it is rooted in. Following this is the sweltering Lizards, the guitars and drums both heavily raining down on the listener. Meanwhile, Latifi is able to calm the storm, taking the lead as Orfgen lays down the guitars slow and hazy. The final track, Grey In Grey, is a 10-minute slog through the muck, all the grime of grunge and dripping ick of doom present. The guitar and drums obscure the way while the vocals aid the listener on their way through to the end.

A Final Word

Top to bottom, Amber Eyes is a gemstone in a sea of rocks. Daevar have proven themselves to be worthy of a place amongst doom greats such as Windhand and Monolord. Latifi’s softly cooing vocals can shift to sinister, almost insidiously so. Orfgen’s guitarwork is a breath of fresh air, with growls and hums that echo clearly rather than being muffled. Bausch’s drums do more than keep the beat, often either becoming the center of attention or falling away to emphasize the empty space. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this is excellent work, and indeed, a masterful album.

Pardis Latifi (she/her) – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Caspar Orfgen (he/him) – Guitars
Moritz Ermen Bausch (he/him) – Drums


  1. Lilith’s Lullaby
  2. Pay To Pray
  3. Caliban And The Witch
  4. Amber Eyes
  5. Lizards
  6. Grey In Grey