19 April 2024

Leaves’ Eyes – Myths of Fate

Releasedate:   22. 03.2023
Label: AFM Records

Leaves’ Eyes is a German and Norwegian metal band, which was founded in 2003. Since then, the band has released eight full length studio album, played countless shows and Liv Kristine, the former singer, has worked with countless other artists and created collaborative arts. The current singer of LLeaves’ Eyes is Elina Siirala. Now they have released their ninth which goes by the name of ”Myths of Fate”. 

“Myths of Fate” is released on March 22nd, through AFM Records. The album comes with eleven songs and lasts for fifty minutes. Leaves’ Eyes is a  

The metal riffs meet melodic tunes. The soft vocals of Elina Siirala meet the harsh growling of Alexander Krull. Modern metal music meet a medical touch. Leaves’ Eyes are combining classical music and metal, as well as many other opposites. And it works. 

“Myths of Fate” is a fantastic album that will leave you behind yearning for more.  The brilliant arrangements are catchy and will get you going along. BUt mores, they will also get stuck in your head. With mystic lyrics, Leaves’ Eyes draw pictures and stories in your mind that will linger with you for a long time to come. So check out this brand new album “Myths of Fate” by Leaves’ Eyes. 


  1. Forged by Fire 
  2. Realm of Dark Waves 
  3. Who Wants to Live Forever 
  4. Hammer of the Gods 
  5. In Eternity 
  6. Fear the Serpent 
  7. Goddess of the Night 
  8. Sons of Triglav 
  9. Elder Spirit 
  10. Einherjar 
  11. Sail with the Dead