24 June 2024

Combichrist – CMBCRST

Releasedate:   17-05-2024
Label: Out Of Line

The industrial project around mastermind Andy LaPlegua is back with a new album: “CMBCRST” is the name of this brand new album. It is their tenth album and comes with fourteen songs which last for over one hour. After more than twenty years of band history, I believe all you people out there don’t really need an introduction, because Combichrist has become an institution and a legend in their genre. So let me focus on the brand new album:

So as I said before, “CMBCRST” is the name of this brand new album, fourteen songs, little over one hour playtime. Surprisingly, the album has a heavy metal sound along with the usual industrial tunes. “CMBCRST” comes with a lot of guitars, distorted sounds and rhythmic beats which pull you along. Some songs remind us of older hits and will definitely send you down memory lane. “Not My Enemy” is one of those gems for example. A quite surprising one is “Northern Path” which seems very rare and emotional. Either way, each song on this album is telling a story that is worth listening to, and each song is painting a dark picture that will lure in the darkest depths of the night. The variety of the songs will never get boring and the album sure has a song for every mood. 

“CMBCRST” is the name of this wonderful new album that all the industrial fans out there should check out. Filled with dark and intense songs, this album is meant to last on your playlists for long. And don’t miss out their live shows. Catch them live if you can, you will not regret it. “CMBCRST” is out now. Go get it!


  1. Children Of Violence
  2. D For Demonic
  3. Heads Off
  4. Only Death Is Immortal
  5. Compliance
  6. Northern Path
  7. Through The Ravens Eyes
  8. Wolves Eating Wolves
  9. Not My Enemy
  10. Modern Demon
  11. Planet Doom
  12. Sonic Witch
  13. Violence Solves Everything PTI
  14. Violence Solves Everything PTII (The end of a dream)