24 June 2024

Rocket Fuel – Under The Blades

Releasedate:   2023
Label: Self released

The Dutch formation Rocket Fuel makes a blend of Punk and Metal. The band recently released their debut album. It is called “Under The Blades” and it is available now.

So far these guys have only released an EP and now a full length is out people can get to know them a bit further. The band has their first track being quite heavy, a wild introduction to their sound. It blends towards a catchy vocal style, bringing a bit more pop/punk but then leans back to the vehemence we heard earlier. Going a bit back and forth is not uncommon in their tracklist. A sound that as a total will address a young generation of metal lovers.

The songs are easy to grab an hold on and often have their catchiness be the lead element of the song. It is clear that the guys have spend some time in putting all that defines them together. Here and there they could have chosen a different spotlight to make it a bit more refined but overall it seems a fine start for these guys.

Rocket Fuel has created an album that will bring them some stages, a summer vibe is over this album. You can imagine them spicing up some festival afternoon slots and entertain the festival goers.

Line up:

  • Richard – Vocals/Guitar
  • Olaf – Lead Guitar
  • Johan – Bass/Vocals
  • Remy – Drums/Vocals


  1. So Long
  2. Rise To Fall
  3. Pull The Pin
  4. Head First
  5. Dead End Street
  6. Safe
  7. The Storm
  8. One More Line
  9. Under The Blades
  10. Room 1.01
  11. My Lies