25 May 2024

Gallows’ Eve – 13 Thorns

Releasedate:  20-01-2024
Label: M&A Music Art

Gallows’ Eve is a Swedish Goth Rock formation that founded in 2021. Anno 2024 they come with an album called “13 Thorns”, it is available now.

In 2022 the band has released an EP but now it is time for a full length, and the Goth rock fan is up for some catchy collection of tracks. Album opener “13 Thorns” is introducing you to their sound by slowly leaning into a melodic touch and some dark vocals to come in at some point. Fans of Sisters of Mercy may feel a click here. But the band also blends in a more modern sound. Lacrimas Profundere may come up but in the end vocalist Andreas has enough uniqueness to lay into it.

The song that sticks in mind most is “Lullaby”, the band played in their live show and within 2 seconds of playing it from the album I remembered it, meaning it one that stands out as one that has most potential to go viral as far as you can say that for this kind of genre. Similar to that is the track “Just Like Us” which would do great at any club night.

A track like “Black Rose” or “Death Magic” reminds us to the theatrical sound of The Editors which is giving the album a more mature twist.

Altogether “13 Thorns” is an album by Gallows’ Eve that shows a lot of diversity from these Swedes, but the guys have a good feel on how to tie it all together and make it their own. A fine album for the Goth Rockers out there.

Line up:

  • Andreas Lundberg – Vocals, Bass
  • Tommy Falk – Guitars
  • Bo Hendrik Persson – Guitars
Gallows' eve - 13 thorns


  1. 13 Thorns
  2. Lullaby
  3. Born to Die
  4. Black Rose
  5. The Rivers Will
  6. Just Like Us
  7. EscapeThe Dawn
  8. Death Magic
  9. Darker than Black
  10. Reign of Ash
  11. Autumn Falls
  12. Oneirocide
  13. To the Lighthouse