19 April 2024
Into The Deep - Blackfin

Into The Deep – Blackfin

Releasedate: 3 January 2024
Label: Bioluminescent Records


Raleigh, North Carolina-based dive metal trio Into The Deep is a fairly new project, but its members have been around a lot longer. Starting as punk band Samana, then shifting to the prog rock/metal Pivot later on, Mike, Eric, and Phil have been playing together since 1996. When wanting to experiment with something heavier, they concocted a new band under the name Into The Deep. With a live show and two EPs under their belt, Into The Deep have hit the ground running. Ever the experimental, the group have changed up their sound once again to put out their latest release, Blackfin.

The Album

The album begins with the titular Blackfin, a flurry of guitar riffs over tortured vocals and pounding drums. Already it is clear that this group has found their footing and are unafraid to branch out more. After this, Sandblasted is an interesting change of pace, with eerie harmonies under the typical gruff vocals. These harmonies steal the show, the guitar jealously attempting to match the beautiful tones.

Halfway through, Seaweed shudders itself into your ears, echoing vocals chanting melodically along with a sighing guitar. This is definitely a stand-out track, the sound totally different and more haunting than any other. Beginning softly like a sunset, Spaceshark is sudden in its change from pensive to vicious. The guitar should be noted here, as it sets the pace almost more than the drums, merciless riffs falling rhythmically.

Mixing a bit of everything previous, Nothing attempts to gain your attention with hissing harmonies and a rolling guitar. The vocals here come in a variety and it is interesting to guess whether they will be soft, gruff, or a robotic mix. The final track on the album, Hammerhead, is very well-balanced, with no one member taking up all the attention. Rough vocals, low harmonies, and hard-hitting drums all work together to carry the heavy guitar and wrap up this album.

A Final Word

Sounding a bit like if you took Woods of Ypres and shoved them underwater, Into The Deep play music that is as fun as it is ominous. Blackfin is an experiment gone right, with raging sounds and aquatic themes that are totally unique. Not wanting to stop their momentum, Into The Deep are already working on a live set as well as another EP. If it is anything like Blackfin, it will definitely be a real catch.

Line up:

  • Mike Hambright – Main Vocals, guitar, bass
  • Eric Hambright – Lead guitar, vocals
  • Phil Cicco – Drums, vocals
Into The Deep - Blackfin


  1. Blackfin
  2. Sandblasted
  3. Seaweed
  4. Spaceshark
  5. Nothing
  6. Hammerhead