25 February 2024

Wet Cactus – Magma Tres

Releasedate: 24th of November 2023
Label: Electric Valley Records

The Spanish four-piece band “Wet Cactus” celebrates ten years of existence this year. Therefore, anniversary gift “Magma tres”, the third record, was presented to rock-lovers at 24th of November.

Technically the records consists eight tracks. The other four bonus tracks make sentence “The Long Escape From The Lair Of The Majadero Man And The Arduorous Revival Of His Musical Ashes!”. What the story behind the man? Six minutes divided in two parts, where one-string passage turned in interesting all-stoner thing. Such an epic transformation. Yes, I listened it especially in offered order from I to IV.

But back to the main tracks, which only over 30 minutes long. Add to say, there is more than psychedelic rock or stoner. For example, in “Self Bitten Snake” you can’t deny heavy metal riffs and brit pop connotation. Is it strange? Definitely. Is it impressive? Double it.  Next mentioned track is “Million Tears”. Melody is more psychedelic, but vocals stands out of genre like you hear contemporary alternative sound. “My Gaze Is Fixed Ahead” is a good starter pack for acquaintanceship with the band. The last what exactly needed your attention is “Solar Prominence”, which narrative exponentially grows to the hysterical chords in the end.

There was misunderstanding with record’s cover, when you expected sort of psychedelic stuff. But there more to share (than love), experimental rock sound is worthy to be listen.

Line up:

  • Daniel Pascual – Vocals and Bass
  • Ernesto Díez – Guitars
  • Óscar Sánchez – Guitars
  • Jaime Pérez – Drums


  1. I. The Long Escape…
  2. Barren Landscape
  3. Profound Dream
  4. Mirage
  5. My Gaze Is Fixed Ahead
  6. II. …From The Lair Of The Majadero Man
  7. Million Tears
  8. Self Bitten Snake
  9. III. …And The Arduorous Revival…
  10. Hell Dweller
  11. Solar Prominence
  12. IV. …Of His Musical Ashes!