25 February 2024

23-12-2023 DeWolff

Support: Matsu Fox
Location: Bibelot, Dordrecht (the Netherlands) 

This Saturday evening right before Christmas played the Dutch DeWolff in a sold out venue Bibelot in Dordrecht. When arriving it is clear that many came to see this band and that it was a sold out evening. The audience varied in age but all seemed to appreciate the style of DeWolff. It was a little crowded even before the support act Matsu Fox started to play. People got their beers in time and found a spot at the front. Matsu Fox is a band around Mats Voshol and they were a little cramped up on stage but didn’t let that ruin their time on it. They played some nice funky songs. To me they were a nice band to get the crowd ready to chat along with the people who were standing next to you while waiting for DeWolff to play. Maybe you need to see and hear this band in another surrounding but tonight they were more a bit of bluesy/funky background music. Maybe due to the fact that many people knew what was about to happen when DeWolff would enter that stage.

After a short change-over it was time for DeWolff to make their appearance. This Dutch band consists of the brothers Pablo (vocal & guitar) and Luca (drums) van der Poel and Robin Piso on Hammond. This evening they were supported by two background singers who brought a little extra flair and swing to the show. It was not the first time for DeWolff to play in Dordrecht or Bibelot. And when Pablo asked how many times the people in the front has seen the bands live it varied pretty much from somewhere between 4 and 8 times and some even way more.

Tonight they came to play some work from their latest album “Love, Death & In Between’. They started their set with some tracks from that album. It takes you on a path to some more psychedelic and progressive rock from the 60’s and 70’s. Pablo knows how to entertain his audience and does this effortlessly. He chats away in between sons and seems to be the right kind of front man with a certain charismatic flair. Halfway in their set Robin plays a nice solo on his Hammond where it is him who can shine a bit, which he totally deserves. It gets dark in the venue and some spots pointed at him the audience take in this piece of music. The other members left the stage for a little while but not for too long and were clearly eager to continue the set.

Pablo sells their merch and a photobook made by his wife, where she documented the band throughout all these years as a band. He also says he has been in Dordrecht and quite liked the old city. But the chat luckily doesn’t last too long and the energetic show will continue to serve us some fine craftsmanship. Before he jumps off the stage and start talking in a preaching way and hyping up the audience to cheer on the soundtech and lighttech who are doing an excellent job this evening. As a last song they play the over 15 minutes long ‘Rosita’. But does not seem to be losing anyone’s interest and even after this long piece not everyone was ready for this evening to end.