25 February 2024

20-01-2024 Morlocks

Supports: Gallows’ Eve
Medley, Malmö (Sweden)

On a dark winter night we found ourselves in Malmö , Sweden for a show. Medley club opened their doors for Morlocks and Gallows’ Eve.

For Gallows’ Eve it is a show close to home and when they enter the stage the venue was filled nicely. The band formed in 2021 and they have released an EP a year later.

This evening they debut their new album called “13 Thorns” to the audience. The sound of the band has a lot of the various names we have seen around in Europe. Some old Lacrimas Profundere, some catchiness like the 69 Eyes, but for a less obvious reference we would mention The Editors, mainly for some moments to be heard in the vocals but also in the way of performing by vocalist Andreas. A theatrical appearance where he follows the songs energy closely. Both guitarists are living their own show, in the music the band comes together quite well but as a show it seems that for the binding factor the audience has the largest part in it. Now, that worked out well for tonight but would it work in unknown territories?

Now, what we liked most of their songs in the set of tonight is the melancholic feel and the ease these songs stick in mind. When in the end of the set the track “Lullaby” came by it was clear that you remember it the day after as if we had it on rotation already (wasn’t the case, we went in blanco). The show was a good introduction of the album, a nice opener of the evening.

For the followers of our Christmas advent series Morlocks are no strangers. The Industrial formation has released their album “Praise The Iconoclast” last year and we spoke with them about it already. Now we had to chance to see that live.

Knowing the tracks quite well makes it easy to get into the set but it is good to see the people around us are catching onto it just as well. A quite energetic performance makes that some movement is around is which works well. The set gets more dynamic when the songs pass by and it is nice to see that despite the richness of the sound they always keep a good balance amongst them.

Some tracks from the previous album “The Outlaw of Fives” were also played, in good line with the newer material. The band shared with their audience today there is an upcoming tour for them with KMFDM, so with some international shows ahead the band had a good try-out here today.
And after that some more songs were played to follow up on the atmosphere they set. A closure to a danceable evening with a a good dose of heaviness.


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