24 June 2024

06-11-2023 Wolfheart

Supports: Before The Dawn, Hinayana
Baroeg, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Wolfheart is on the road and brings Before the Dawn and Hinayana to Rotterdam.

The Melodic Death Metal formation Hinayana is the first to enter the stage. A bit later than originally scheduled, the bands have been stuck at the French border control we learned later. The guys are coming from Texas and are about to release a full length album.

The show of today seems in good line of what to expect from the other two bands. A good balance between the heavy side and the melodic side is made and the guys seem eager to perform here. Although the band is not bad, we failed to see them bringing us something of themselves. Hoping for a bit of an unique touch, an identity of their own. The songs did not really stick in mind and that is a pity. Hopefully the guys will wow us more next time we get to see them.

Before The Dawn is no stranger to this place, we encountered them many times before at this venue. The Finnish formation is around since 1999 and this summer the band released album number eight called “Stormbringers”. The band had to cut the set a bit shorter today because of time limitations, but gave it a good go by starting with “Unbreakable” which dates back to their debut album. Switching straight to a track from their latest you quickly come to notice that the band has always stuck in good line with their initial sound. The melancholy is coming across nicely and this mainly by the vocals of Paavo. But the guys altogether are a solid team here today. Some issues sound wise here and there but perhaps they did not have the ideal time to set up due to their late arrival. Ending the set with crowd favorite “Deadsong” the band leaves us too soon rather than too late.

Final set of the night is by Wolfheart. Now Tuomas Saukkonen has already been drumming at the previous set and with Wolfheart he is ready to be in the spotlight a bit more. Some antlers in front of him are substantially adding to the atmosphere this band brings. He founded the band in 2013 and last year there was already a sixth album brought to the market. Also Wolfheart gave us a varied set, some classics but also their latest material. The band struggled a bit in the beginning with the sound, but did not let it stop them. Tuomas talks a bit with the audience, talking about the earlier shows that he performed here. He seemed well at home. Some good comeback on people shouting google translated phrases towards him made the audience laugh. Wolfheart is a bit heavier than the earlier band, yet the energy keeps coming. The band is asking the audience to join them in the energy and the majority goes with it.

On a Monday evening it is good to see a filled venue, the Finns have played a good show and certainly made the path clear for many more appearances here.