25 February 2024

Sznur – Ludzina

Releasedate:   2023
Label: Godz Ov War Productions

Sznur is a Black Metal formation from Poland. This year the band released their album “Ludzina” which seems to be the second album they have brought us.

Now Black Metal is not a genre for pussies and these guys surely embrace that thought. Straightforward and obscene they have their album opened with grand stature. A thick layer of guitar goes over you, but the band brings it together with a heavy, haunting atmosphere. Sure, they have a rather stereotypical sound but they execute it well enough. Throw in a decent dose of pounding drums and the band feels marching over you. Looking at where the band reaches their highlight, you come to a track called “Pole”. Screeching vocals that you may or may not understand bring the chills down your spine.

If you wonder whether this Sznur album is going to be something unique in your collection, than we say most definitely not. But if you like the powerful, convincing sound that these Polish guys bring forth, you will certainly want it in your collection. It has its value for that nasty sound that comes with them even if it isn’t the newest thing out there. Love your classic sound!

Line up:

  • Seth – Guitar, vocals
  • Psycho – Drums
  • ZerO – Vocals
  • Faja – Bass


  1. Kurwy
  2. Płyny
  3. Dwóch
  4. Pole
  5. UI
  6. Stosunek
  7. Wojna (Defekt Muzgó cover)