25 May 2024

02-11-2023 Gothminister

Supports:  King Satan, Psycholies
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer (Netherlands)

Gothminister is starting their tour in NL tonight and they brought the Finnish King Satan and Italian PsycHolies along.

We managed to arrive just in time for the first band. Storm, 150km, 3 hours and 15 minutes to summarize our dedication to make it on time to report on this event. We can only assume that more people were dealing with challenging road conditions as when PsycHolies was starting their set there were very little people present. The Italians make Electro/Goth music and have a minimalistic setup. The band has a bunch of singles and a debut album called “Perfect Puppet” out which they are promoting.

While performing their songs here tonight they show good enthusiasm, but they are not always met with the wildest response. Somewhat understandable, we are looking at a band that is searching their path but it seems they have a steady thought of where they want to end up. We would like to see them again when they have some more years and music on them and see the evolvement. For now it was just good to start the night with.

Now we have seen King Satan in a combo with Gothminister also about a year ago on Helsinki Industrial Festival. The band is on the fly and crossed our path at Tuska also. Makes sense as they have a good dose of heaviness in there as well. They don’t have the most straightforward sound and that can go both ways with new crowds. But what works for these guys is that come with a good dose of eagerness and energy. More people had found their way to the venue so luckily there was also some audience to entertain. It takes a few songs before people get the hang of what King Satan is bringing. When their keyboardist, going under the name Hekate Boss is leaving her station to bring in her vocals it sparks surprise amongst the audience. From then on it seems that these guys were embraced and when their set comes to an end the guys gained their well deserved applause. They surely found some new fans here today.

Last year Gothminister released their album “Pandemonium” and we were looking to some on the Helsinki Industrial Festival already, but now the band takes it on tour through Europe and there is one thing that you can count on when seeing this band. There is always a show to be seen. Gothminister has an eye for detail. Not only their show has a lot of decor, from little monsters to large monsters, from zombies to lasers shooting away from front man Bjorn’s hands. Also their merch stand, a.k.a. Gothshop, is decorated in style. In a long set we get to hear a lot of the new album, obviously, but some of the classics are not missed out on. Whether the songs are catchy of more heavy there is always so much going on. But where the show is there, it does not take over from the music. It is brought in good balance.

Now the album is out for a bit already and it shows as the fans seem to know these songs all quite well. The atmosphere was quite well, apart from a single individual which was removed at some point. But overall the band can look back on a successful show, the fans were able to meet the band at the merch afterwards.

Gothminister still has quite some dates ahead of them, so check them out as they are near you. With a long set and entertaining performance you will not regret it!


King Satan