11 December 2023

Maggot Heart – HUNGER

Releasedate: 29 September 2023

Label: Svart Records / Rapid Eye Records

Berlin-based crossover rock band MAGGOT HEART is back with their third album, HUNGER, out now via Svart Records / Rapid Eye Records.

Maggot Heart is one of those bands that knows no boundaries and they prove this once again with “HUNGER”. Aggressive and ‘hungry’ riffs, complex and amazing songwriting and top-notch production makes “HUNGER” just the fantastic record from beginning to the end. “HUNGER” will make you forget what genres mean and you will focus on the passion and desparation in the magic of it all. So dive into “Hunger” with an open mind.

What stands out in “HUNGER” compared to previous records is the diversity in songwriting, instrumental arrangements and vocals. The whole album and songwriting is amazing poetry, where we see Linnéa Olsson freestyling with her vocal style and just letting that alchemy flow. You never know when that “breakdown” or peak moment will come and when it does, it will be an explosion! In addition, we see the band also experimenting further with additional instruments like trumpet and saxophone (“LBD”). All of this make HUNGER such a unique record.

HUNGER is definitely one of my favorite albums of this year. You just gotta appreciate a band that knows no boundaries, defines no genres and true to their core. Get the album and see the band live first chance you can, you will be blown away!

Line up:

  • Linnéa Olsson – guitars, vocals
  • Olivia Airey – bass
  • Uno Bruniusson – drums


  1. Scandinavian Hunger
  2. Nil by Mouth
  3. LBD
  4. Archer
  5. This Shadow
  6. Looking Back At You
  7. Concrete Soup
  8. Parasite


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