11 December 2023

Stitched Up Heart – To The Wolves

Releasedate:  1st of September 2023
Label: Century Media

Stitched Up Heart formation was founded in Los Angeles, California (USA) in 2010. During 13 years the band dropped out couple of records. To The Wolves is the third album in the collection.

The album consists eleven pretty much different tracks. Judging the album by the cover is not preferable tactic but one of the working. Despite a hint given by the picture, there is no melodic metal nor typical industrial. Therefore, the sound could describe as outstanding alternative in every meaning of the word.

Mention the titled track “To the Wolves”, I can’t refuse the analogy with bestseller “Women Who Run with the Wolves”. Cutting the animalistic metaphors with one exception – the heroine has this animal inside. Picking the key tracks, I can’t pass through dramatic “Conquer and Divide” that was filmed. Also interesting connotations in “The Hunting” and “Possess Me”. The combination of disharmonic guitars reminds of alternative rock experience of the time being. “Taste for Blood” has memorable refrain with mixed female/male vocals. The electronic “Part of Me” sounds wrong placed in this album. Fortunately, it’s a good mistake and definitely my fav.

As for me, there could be more expression accompanied the lyrics, but I also assume that the band compensates it with emotional performances.

Line up:

  • Mixi Demner – Vocals
  • Merritt Goodwin – Guitars
  • Randy Mathias – Bass
  • Jamie Decker – Drums
Stitched Up Heart


  1. To The Wolves
  2. Thunder
  3. The Hunting
  4. Possess Me
  5. Immortal
  6. Taste For Blood
  7. Conquer And Divide
  8. Dead Inside
  9. The Architect
  10. Part Of Me
  11. The End