19 April 2024
Bobbie Nelson and Amanda Shires

Bobbie Nelson and Amanda Shires – Loving You

Releasedate:   14-07-2023
Label: ATO Records

It is now 1,5 years ago that Bobbie Nelson passed away at age 91. The pianist, related to Willie Nelson, has a long career left behind and one of the last efforts of that is “Loving You”, an album with Amanda Shires who felt inspired by Bobbie long time.

A nice story behind this release, Amanda ensured a legacy for a new generation of listeners. Her vocals bringing these covers together with Bobbie very beautifully. Amanda also plays violin and this you hear back in some tracks also. Recognizable songs, brought by a clean, warm voice. “Always On My Mind”, “Over The Rainbow or “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” are tracks that most have heard at some point. But with this recording they will live on for a new generation and long after that.
Also in the track list to be found is a track written by Bobbie herself called “Loving You” of which the album was called.

Altogether this album is a collection of tracks that suit together nicely. You can heard the love and passion from the ladies who created it, their mutual love for the music. It is great keepsake for those directly involved I can imagine and a gift to the listeners who enjoy these sweet romantic songs.


  1. Waltz Across Texas
  2. Always On My Mind
  3. Old Fashioned Love
  4. Summertime (Feat. Willie Nelson)
  5. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
  6. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  7. Tempted And Tried
  8. La Paloma
  9. Loving You
  10. Over The Rainbow