19 April 2024

Danko Jones – Electric Sounds 

Releasedate:   15. September 2023
Label: AFM Records

The Canadian hard rock band Darko Jones is back with their 13th full length studio album in almost 30 years of band history, alongside countless tours and intense live shows. Pretty impressive, if I may say so. “Electric Sounds” is the name of that gem. With eleven songs, Danko Jones is shaking your bones for 37 minutes straight. 

The album kicks off with the sassy and self-confident “Guess Who’s Back”. Then the album continues with a thriving and energizing sound which will get you going along without hesitation. With each song, Danko Jones is pushing you a little further, no time to catch a breath. Until the second half of the album, where the music gets a tad calmer. “Get High” has a catchy tune that will get stuck in your head. “Stiff Competition” on the other hand is a little harsher, while “She’s My Baby” is rushing through. And so it varies between tunes that kick the butt and get you riled up and songs that are catchy, almost smooth and easy going. 

Each song is telling a story. While one talks about appreciation and love, the other is a kick in the but. Therefore all songs are definitely worth listening to closely, especially as Danko Jones is known to be straight forward. Either way, it is yet another fantastic album by Danko Jones. So go ahead and check it out. 


1. Guess Who’s Back
2. Good Time
3. Electric Sounds
4. Get High?
5. Stiff Competition
6. She’s My Baby
7. Eye for an Eye
8. I Like It
9. Let’s Make Out
10. What Goes Around
11. Shake Your City