23 September 2023

The Murlocs – Calm Ya Farm

Releasedate:  19-05-2023

The Murlocs are an Australian rock band from Melbourne. Their line up includes Ambrose Kenny-Smith on vocals and harmonica, Cal Shortal on guitar, Cook Craig on bass guitar, Tim Karmouche on keyboards, and Matt Blach on drums. They formed in 2011 by Ambrose Kenny-Smith, and have released six studio albums since. “Calm Ya Farm”came out this year.

As a band The Murlocs have set them selves some name. Some Country, here and there some psych, the band has created themselves a clear identity. And also with this release it is not hard to recognize the way these guys are looking at their compositions.

Some of the tracks are starting out quite easy to follow and then come towards a more free form, jam like moment where they lay in whatever feels right before its structure comes back to an ending. They take it quite freely as it seems. Melodic parts are making it very easy to pick up and have their sound run into your head where it keeps on spinning for some hours.

If we need to find some point that we would like to see different is that we would like to see some sharper edges here and there, but considering our main genres we write about that was to be expected. A fine release to listen to with ease.

Line up:

  • Ambrose Kenny-Smith – Vocals, Harmonica
  • Cal Shortal – Guitar
  • Cook Craig – Bass
  • Tim Karmouche – Keyboards
  • Matt Blach – Drums


  1. Initiative
  2. Common Sense Civilian
  3. Russian Roulette
  4. Superstitious Insights
  5. Centennial Perspective
  6. Queen Pinky
  7. Undone and Unashamed
  8. Captain Cotton Mouth
  9. Catfish
  10. Smithereens
  11. Forbidden Toad
  12. Aletophyte