11 December 2023
The Unslain

The Unslain – Descending

Releasedate:   2023

Dutch formation The Unslain is making Heavy Metal since 2013. The band released their debut album in 2018 and this year they came with a follow up. It is called “Descending” and it is available now.

The band is giving us a catchy feel right from the start. Vocals are good to hear, but are just as easily put aside for the rest of the band to shine. Some speedy parts are bringing you a good mix of riffs and dynamic drums. For example the track “Quintessence” is one that seems to have all elements there, but the band is maintaining a good balance which makes that it never too much of something.

The powerful track “Within” is building strongly towards the end but get followed up by a track called “(In) Hell I Am” which starts quite calmly and thus you have a slight break there. Some guest vocals are brought in which is a nice addition.

Towards the end you’ll find the track “Let me stay” which is quite different from all tracks. Seems to come from deep. A bit mellow even. The last two tracks, the band picks it up again. Right on time, for it does become a bit alike at that point.

Altogether The Unslain gives us a fine release with “Descending”. One that our many readers from Northern Europe specifically will adore as this sound is something we often hear from bands of these area’s so must sound quite familiar for them.

Line up:

  • Bart Foppes – Guitars
  • Jeroen Hermsen – Guitars, Vocals
  • Indy Wessels – Drums, Vocals (backing)
  • Luc Builtjes – Bass
The Unslain


  1. Welcome
  2. To Hell
  3. Quintessence
  4. Unslain
  5. Within
  6. (In) Hell I Am
  7. Eroded
  8. Into the Unknown
  9. Let Me Stay
  10. Long Road Out of Hell
  11. Eden – Part 1: ‘Apocalypse Postponed’