11 December 2023

Deleyaman – The Sudbury Inn

Releasedate:   09-06-2023
Label: Sonic Rendezvous

Deleyaman is a French-American band founded in Normandy, France in 2000. This year the formation came with a new album called “The Sudbury Inn”. It is their nineth studio release.

Deleyaman is making a quite interesting sound. If you have not heard them before than expect a calm jazzy sound, some calm music that work well on a Sunday morning. A wide range of instruments give this album a worldly vibe, it feels like you are listening to an international gathering of musicians.
Yes, that means sometimes the red tread is a bit harder to find, it may be that you need a moment to link it all together, but it is never far off in the end.
Some of the tracks are perhaps a bit too calm, the sensation is not really into the words either. This album is one that you sit down for and listen with care, it is not one that you should let blend in the background because then you simply miss the refinement that Deleyaman is putting into it.

When you put your focus on the details you hear the album coming closer to you and that a very personal touch is put into it by one of their vocalists. The album has a good and mystic feel to it and one that appreciates this kind of sound will surely spend a lot of hours with it.



  1. Spring Song
  2. A Tale
  3. Willow (Jerusha’s song)
  4. Many Years Late
  5. The Sudbury Inn
  6. Another Evening
  7. La Saulaie
  8. The Late Hour
  9. Moment of Peace
  10. Gold is Fading into Gray
  11. Silent Ship