23 July 2024

Piledriver – Live in Europe – The Rockwall Tour

Releasedate:  28-04-2023
Label: Rockwall Records

Many years are on the counter for Piledriver and and right when the band was doing their last tour the pandemic hit. Three concerts were recorded which are now being released in a box that includes a blue ray, a dvd, three cd’s a poster and an extended booklet. A must have for a long time fan of the band we would say.

The guys have set themselves a name through the years of classic rock releases. Eventually tours end and the show they played in Zwolle was also the last time they got to be with their keyboard player Rudi Peeters who unfortunately passed away. Naturally, the band dedicated the release to him, which makes it extra special.
Interesting to see is that with the three shows they did choose a bit of a different set list, which has of course their hits along, but also makes that you can easily watch the three shows in row as it is not too repetitive. The sound and video quality is quite decent, which makes it pleasant to watch.
One of the shows, the one one in Minehead (UK) is recorded at a Status Quo convention which seems like an interesting match with Piledriver.

Altogether this box gives the buyer a good worth their money. A lot of live material, bonus goodies and a diverse set of Piledriver ‘s music. We can imagine Rudi would be very proud on this release.

Line up:

  • Michael Sommerhoff – Guitars, Vocals
  • Peter Wagner – Lead Guitars, Vocals
  • Marc Herrmann – Bass, Guitars,Vocals
  • Tim Demuth – Drums & Harmony Vocals
  • Rudi Peeters – Keyboard & Vocals


  1. CD 1-1 Top Of The Bill
  2. CD 1-2 Draw The Line
  3. CD 1-3 Good Times
  4. CD 1-4 Rockwall
  5. CD 1-5 Stomp!
  6. CD 1-6 Agitators
  7. CD 1-7 One For The Rock
  8. CD 1-8 Rock In A Crossfire Hurricane
  9. CD 1-9 Fat Rat Boogie
  10. CD 1-10 Down Down
  11. CD 1-11 Whatever You Want
  12. CD 1-12 Caroline
  13. CD 2-1 Whatever You Want
  14. CD 2-2 Rockin’ All Over The World
  15. CD 2-3 Hold You Back
  16. CD 2-4 Hi
  17. CD 2-5 Joint Forces
  18. CD 2-6 Blue Eyed Lady
  19. CD 2-7 Roll Over Lay Down
  20. CD 2-8 What You’re Proposing
  21. CD 2-9 Mystery Medley
  22. CD 2-10 Caroline
  23. CD 3-1 Caroline
  24. CD 3-2 Roll Over Lay Down
  25. CD 3-3 Hold You Back
  26. CD 3-4 Backwater
  27. CD 3-5 Hold You Back
  28. CD 3-6 Rain
  29. CD 3-7 Don’t Waste My Time
  30. CD 3-8 Whatever You Want
  31. CD 3-9 Rockin’ All Over The World
  32. CD 3-10 Down Down
  33. CD 3-11 Bye-Bye, Johnny