25 February 2024

dEMOTIONAL – Scandinavian Aftermath

Release date: 26th of May 2023
Label: AFM

The Swedish metalcore formation “dEmotional” released “Scandinavian Aftermath” on its own in 2021 and focused on global popularity after signing AFM Records. The renewed record is out at 26th of May. According to founded info, it’s actually the fourth album since 2013, the year of bringing the first opus “State: In Denial” to the audience.

Be ready for a long journey – the record consists 16 (sixteen) tracks. Let’s start with new tracks announced earlier in 2023. There are “Lost In The City” and “Everbound”, which perfectly compare with published material. The closest taglines would be “metalcore” and “alternative rock”.

For the oldies I also gave rating stars. All my picked tracks sorted in three parts. Firstly, the most valuable with emotions and keyboards invasion songs “My Heart” and “Cornered”.  Secondly, “Scandinavian Aftermath” that represents the mastery of band and its potential. Therefore, it’s good example for testing “dEmotional” music. Thirdly, couple of tracks about restless personality: the pure riot “Bärsärk” and thoughtful “Boiling point”. As evidence of both musical and lyrical power, I recommend to watch the video for the last mentioned track. Find out how the wild nature beats the robotic creatures (as metaphor for urbanization and automatization in general).

All the content of “Scandinavian Aftermath” is attempt to find the correct response to dilemma “fight or flight”. In the reason of escapism, choose the “play” button.


  1. Scandinavian Aftermath
  2. Bärsärk
  3. My Own Enemy
  4. My Heart (ft Jenny Fagerstrand Fjordevik, Matt Guillory)
  5. S.O.A.K.
  6. Cornered
  7. All That I Knew
  8. Young Wolves
  9. Boiling Point
  10. Typhoon
  11. Northern Star
  12. The Fear Of Success
  13. Don’t Wake Me Up
  14. Close Yet Far
  15. Lost In The City
  16. Everbound