25 May 2024
The Foreshadowing

The Foreshadowing – Forsaken Songs

Releasedate:   2023
Label: Ardua Music

It has been quiet for many years around The Foreshadowing but the band returns in 2023 with a brand new release. An EP called “Forsaken Songs” is releasing end of May.

It was a long wait but it is good to see the guys return to the scene this year. It is in a bit slimmed down line up, but the guys managed to have their characteristic sound there anyway. A melodic sound comes in right from the start. Most of the tracks have been previously unreleased, but re-recorded in the past years. The third track, “The Forsaken Son”, for example was already released in a different version, so the fans could recognize it very well.
Previously we have seen the band doing many interesting covers and for this release they chose “Such A Shame” by Talk Talk. A song that does well with the Doomy sound the Italians are bringing. The band did not stray too far from the original but give it a slight darker sound. A nice add to the release.

Whether this release will also lead to new material is currently unknown but the guys have been successful in making us enthusiastic. It’s good to see The Foreshadowing back again!

Line up:

  • Marco I. Benevento – Vocals
  • Alessandro Pace – Guitars
  • Francesco Sosto – Keyboards
  • Giuseppe Orlando – Drums
The Foreshadowing


  1. We the Others
  2. Memento
  3. The Forsaken Son (Twilight Revival)
  4. Paranoid Boyd
  5. Such a Shame (Talk Talk cover)
  6. The Rains of Castamere (A Requiem for Wolves)