24 June 2024

Servers – The Vertical Plane

Release date: 19th of May 2023
Label: Undergroove

Since 2014 when the debut “Leave with us” was released, the band from Barnsley (UK) productively work. Servers show the results with forth record “The Vertical Plane” this May.

The main problem of describing modern rock is finding correct example in fifty-years music legacy. My point of view, all we need is renew old stuff in case of wild youth nostalgia. I doubt if new genre will create in forthcoming times. Back to the point, we have a deal with “Alice in chains” in lightly shades with solid grunge and psychedelic odor. The proof is “Absolom” track which modern and vintage at the same time.

The band filmed three tracks already. There are mentioned earlier “Absolom”, “King of Nothing” and “Mother of all lies”. Figurative analogies with male and female are so archetypical in senses and obviously different in sound. That’s a point. Besides of label and musicians choice, my favorites are “Try to get some sleep” and “You still come willingly”. The first is deep, dark and groovy; the second is slightly folk.

As I said, the pearls of modern rock hide in bygone era shells. Can’t say if there is masterpiece, but definitely strong outstanding example of making own sound.

Line up:

  • Lee Storrar – Vocals/ Guitar
  • Will Price – Guitar/ Vocals
  • Lee Wilde – Bass
  • Jamie Beaston – Guitar
  • Liam Power – Drums


  1. Absolom
  2. Try to get some sleep
  3. King of Nothing
  4. Here, there and everywhere
  5. Mother of all lies
  6. Despond to despair
  7. Crimson tide
  8. Stranglehold
  9. You still come willingly
  10. Incorruption


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