24 June 2024
The Ground Shaker

The Ground Shaker – Rogue Asylum

Releasedate:   2023
Label: Fastball Records

The Ground Shaker is a Rock formation from Switzerland that have released one album so far. The band returns now with their second full length release. It is called “Rogue Asylum” and it is available now.

It has been a while since their debut but the guys are now back with new material. The guys took their time which resulted in an album that has a lot of feeling in the details. At first sight you hear a collection of tracks that are not really standing out too much, good tracks but not something you have not heard before. They reason why you should look into this release lays in the refinement. Give it a couple of spins and allow yourself to focus in the details to see what the guys can do.

If for a future release they can find a way to bring more spotlight onto this they will be able to reach a larger audience for sure. The band has some decent guitarists on board and they do put them forward, but also in the whole they could bring the Ground Shaker experience to a higher level so why not zoom into that.

“Rogue Asylum” is an album that shows a band with a lot of potential, a band that can grow a lot but now relies on the people that are willing to listen to the songs for just more spins that one before putting it aside and that is a pity.

Line up:

The Ground Shaker


  1. 88 Strong As A Lion
  2. Mask Of Insanity
  3. A World Which Only I Can See
  4. I Wonder Why
  5. Dragon In The Sky
  6. King Without A Crown
  7. Ride On Me
  8. Demons In My Dreams
  9. Onna Bugeisha
  10. Eternal Cycle
  11. Lone Wolf
  12. Out Of Silence
  13. Day Of Sin