11 December 2023
Desert Storm

Desert Storm – Death Rattle

Releasedate:   31-03-2023
Label:  APF Records

Desert Storm is a Progressive/Stoner formation from UK. The band formed in 2007 and released a bunch of albums already. Anno 2023 it is time for album number six, “Death Rattle” is releasing now.

The guys start their album with a catchy and somewhat recognizable sound. A good start open with and when straight after the first track they take the opportunity to go deeper in intensity and become a bit darker instantly, it becomes apparent that this release is one that will entertain you well.

Halfway the album it is “Salt of the Earth” that brings us a varied sound. They start fairly light to drive into a heavier sounds and progressively getting you more curious. For “Druid’s Health” they take it all up a bit. Slowly and thick sound but a break is provided to you mid-song where they give a shimmer of light to it. This band likes to take you by the hand and drag you through a roller coaster of sounds. Varied and powerful.

Surprisingly they are going a bit faster as well. “Insomniac” makes us smile for a slight hint of Thrash coming in. The band surely takes something from all sides and mixes it towards their own identity.

These guys of Desert Storm have presented us a well thought album filled with many flavors included. They embedded a range of influences into it and have created a sound that stand on its own. A nice release for the fans of stoner, progressive, death, thrash with a tolerance for the experiment.

Line up:

  • Chris Benoist – Bass
  • Elliot Cole – Drums
  • Chris White – Guitars
  • Ryan Cole – Guitars
  • Matt Ryan – Vocals
Desert Storm


  1. Master of None
  2. Cheyne Stoking
  3. Bad Trip
  4. Melatone
  5. Salt of the Earth
  6. Druid’s Heath
  7. Insomniac
  8. Self Deprecation
  9. New Dawn