25 February 2024

Sortilège – Apocalypso

Releasedate:   3rd of March 2023
Label:  Verycords

The French metal formation Sortilège has two foundational dates: the first is 1981 with two albums during five years and the second is 2019 when 30 years-silence was broken. Technically Apocalypso is the fourth album in the whole band’s discography and the second with current line-up.

Let’s start with facing the fact that the band likes to cooperate. The evidence is under guest starring list. There are Stéphane Buriez, the vocalist and guitarist from Loudblast, Kevin Codfert, keyboardist from Adagio, and the Tunisian quintet Myrath.

Move to the record itself. The album contains 10 tracks. Lyrics are all in French full of Greek, Roman and Scandinavian myths. The band perfect illustrated the epos with both words and music: every equipment has own place in motion.

The marching riffs in the shortest track “La parade des centaures” like a parade supposed to be. “Vampire” is a solid heavy metal example. Buzzing “Walkyrie” represent warriors from North in the best way as well as freezing breeze beyond the Babylon gates in “Derrière les portes de Babylone”. Medieval vibes runs wild in “Le sacre du sorcier”, cheer up.

Honestly, I have decided to make review for Sortilège ‘s record after checking “Vampire” video on YouTube. It was absolutely blast, I’ve missed speedy riffs and vampires for sure. Well, I didn’t regret a second of listening to the album.  Now it’s your turn.


Line up:
  • Christian “Zouille” Augustin – Vocals
  • Bruno Ramos – Guitars
  • Olivier Spitzer – Guitars
  • Sébastien Bonnet – Bass
  • Clément Rouxel – Drums 


  1. Poseidon
  2. Attila (feat. Stéphane Buriez)
  3. Derrière les portes de Babylone (feat. Myrath)
  4. Le sacre du sorcier
  5. La parade des centaures (feat. Stéphane Buriez)
  6. Walkyrie
  7. Encore un jour
  8. Trahison
  9. Vampire
  10. Apocalypso (feat. Kevin Codfert)