25 May 2024

Elysion – Bring Out Your Dead

Release date: 17.03.2023
Label:  Massacre Records

Melodic Gothic band from Greece, Elysion is back with their 3rd full length named “Bring Out Your Dead“. I was already a fan of their first 2 albums; 2009´s “Silent Scream” and the sophomore “Someplace Better”. Now after 9 full years I´m glad the band has woken from their dormant ashes.

“Bring Out Your Dead” is definitely heavier soundwise but surely very melodic nonetheless. Sizzling fresh guitars and Ms. Christianna´s powerful vocals shining out here on this record. The band explores a new space theme in a couple of songs like Raid The Universe and Crossing Over though it´s not prevalent throughout the album. However, my favorites off the album ended up being the familiar As The Flower Withers, prog-influenced Blink Of An Eye, and Blue Seasons. Eternity is the closing track with lamenting ethereal vocals. The sound is faithful to its genre as Elysion can well be mentioned amongst the Europe´s goth-melodic metal circles now.

Overall the album is a tasteful experience with at times sentimental ballads and upbeat anthem-like tracks for melodic metal listeners. I hope the band will get to tour extensively to make themselves more heard and known as they really deserve the recognition.


Line up:
  • Christianna – Vocals
  • Johnny zero – Guitar
  • Nid – Guitar
  • AR – Bass
  • Ilias Laitsas – Drums


  1. Blink of an Eye 04:25
  2. Crossing Over 04:02
  3. Far Away 04:14
  4. Buried Alive 04:24
  5. As the Flower Withers 04:31
  6. Raid the Universe 04:13
  7. This Time 03:59
  8. Brand New Me 03:45
  9. Blue Seasons 04:44
  10. Eternity 04:59


Official: https://elysionofficialshop.bigcartel.com/
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/elysionofficial