23 September 2023

Nordgarden – All We Need

Releasedate:   20-01-2023
Label:  Integral

Nordgarden is a Norwegian Singer-Songwriter that has been around for a while. It is however five years since the previous album, so the release of “All We Need” was awaited.

Most of the songs of this release have a rather romantic atmosphere over them. Sometimes a bit sadness, darkness even but mostly a beautiful edge is bringing the songs their shine. First song that draws attention is the track “Only You”. It is calm and relaxing with a sweet edge.

On “Riptide” he takes up the tempo and drama a bit, a much needed change because the songs are all quite modest and alike. Not straying too far from the flock. So when this one is just a bit more dramatic, catchy and still lightweight it keeps you along. It seems to be the comfortable way for Nordgarden, but we cannot help wondering what would happen if they took it all up and sneak a bit further towards pop, having the pop side that surely is in there be a bit more at the spotlight. Could lead to a larger audience, but maybe that is not what he is looking for or not feel at home at.

“All We Need” is an interesting release but it is not really too wild so be prepared for some music to chill with and have the songs be there on the back, as it is simply not the music for a partynight.


  1. Together
  2. When Something´s Undone
  3. All We Need
  4. Riptide
  5. Last Breath
  6. IMAFY
  7. Your Spell Ain’t Working on Me
  8. River of Dreams