11 December 2023
Fatal Embrace

Fatal Embrace

Fatal Embrace – Manifestum Infernalis

Releasedate:   24-03-2023
Label:  Black Lion Records

Fatal Embrace is a Melodic Death/Black formation from Sweden. The band formed in the early 90’s and they released one full length album before they became inactive. The band is now re-activated and re-released that debut last year. Anno 2023 the guys return with new material, “Manifestum Infernalis” is out now.

Melodic Death from Sweden might quickly bring you to a stereotypical sound to expect, but with Fatal Embrace you may feel betrayed if you rely on that. Go into it more with the thought that the band is expanding on the genres a bit by having more Black influences to it. It’s really a wild range of elements to be heard in it.
The guys vary in their tempo built a bit, makes the album interesting throughout as the songs are furthermore quite in line with each other. Halfway for example, you come across “Call of The Dark” which starts calm and grows in atmosphere. It provides a bit of a break as right after it “Eyes of Oak” comes in with full rage again.

 At the end You have “The Rot” serving you some proper closure to the release. It contains a dramatic atmosphere, having perhaps the most raw vocals of the release surfacing. It takes a vigorous ride but ends nicely.

The album “Manifestum Infernalis” shows the guys have taken their time to think through what they want to release. They created a stable sound out of many influences and formed a track list you can entertain yourself with for many rotations.

Line up:
  • Henrik Serholt – Vocals
  • John Silver – Bass
  • Andreas Johansson – Guitars
  • Christian Silver – Drums
  • Manne Engström – Guitars
Fatal Embrace


  1. Empyreal Doom
  2. The Black Oath
  3. Wolves of Golgotha
  4. Prometheus Sermon
  5. Call of the Dark
  6. Eyes of Oak
  7. Sign of the Pentagram
  8. Deus Mail
  9. The Rot
  10. Walk with Evil
  11. The Devil’s Embrace