19 April 2024

Mooncry – Rivers Of Heart

Releasedate: 25-03-2010
By: Sabine van Gameren

Mooncry is Melodic Heavy Metal band coming from Germany. The band has been formed in 2006 and after two years they came with their debut album. In 2010 the album “Rivers of Heart” came out.

Surely interesting, combining the heavy metal with the melodic, doesn’t sound odd at all. You might get surprised mainly by the raw vocals, at first expecting something more polished but this is how the band sets themselves apart straight from the start. The songs of this band are composed quite well, maybe a bit predictable at some point but in general the guys keep the tempo steady, having a decent start and ending to the songs. Also, the songs on the album are in good line with each other. Musically they back it up with keys, they tend to be quite present which makes a good balance with the raw vocals of vocalist Sali Hasan. Plenty of diversity to be found in this release. What could be changed perhaps is making some more daring choices. It feels a bit safe throughout the album and they could stand out a little more with taking some more risks. Since this release is almost a year old, the band will surely work on new material in between the various gigs they have scheduled.

Line Up:
Sali Hasan – Vocals
Berthold Miller – Guitars
Enrico ”Enno” Hahn – Keyboards
Alexander Schwenk – Bass
Peter Zimre – Drums

01. Seconds in Time
02. Memories Drowning
03. Ghosts of Mind
04. Grief and Hope
05. Rivers of Heart
06. Into the Night
07. Hopeless Play
08. Suffer my Pain
09. Among the Fallen Leaves

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