27 November 2021

RoutaSielu – Pimeys

Releasedate: 16-02-2011; Label: Spinefarm
By: Sabine van Gameren

RoutaSielu is a project by Tuomas Saukkonen, known of bands like Black Sun Aeon, Before The Dawn, The Final Harvest etc. The debut album of this band is called “Pimeys” and is out now.

As you may have been used to Tuomas gets inspiration by the Finnish winter, the cold and the darkness (Pimeys actually means darkness). And also you can be guaranteed he brings in some names known from other projects. To be found on vocals and guitar are Mikko Heikkilä which also supplies vocals for Black Sun Aeon. As well Eero Silvonen has not been unknown for those who enjoy listening Tuomas his products. Bringing in these might have brought you to the question whether this will sound like something that you heard before, which at the first time listening would be answered with yes. There is definitely some recognizable sound in the music. But it must be said there is plenty of difference as well. At first the Finnish lyrics may make it sound harder, especially for those who don’t know the language. Then, the melodic parts are quite catchy, more to the foreground. Steady bounded by Saukkonen his own harsh vocals. The album has a cozy feeling, a nice atmosphere, with some darkness coming mainly from the vocals, showing the love for that what is there every winter. That where they can rely on. From these Finns you get a constant good quality and also this time they lived up to that expectations. A perfectly fine release that fans of this genre can buy without any hesitations.

Line Up:
Tuomas Saukkonen – Bass, Harsh Vocals
Mikko Heikkilä – Rhythm Guitar, Clean Vocals
Eero Silvonen – Lead Guitar
Pyry Hanski – Drums
Saku Moilanen – Keyboards


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