22 September 2023

Long Distance Calling – Long Distance Calling

Releasedate: 21-02-2011; Label: Superball Music
By: Sabine van Gameren

The German band Long Distance Calling is making post rock. They formed in 2006 and anno 2011 they got their third album coming out which is self titled.

Long Distance is a band that keeps their music completely instrumental, with only an occasional guest singer. Surprisingly when the track comes that John Bush sings along, it seems like an unnecessary luxury. This because the band excels in making instrumental music that attracts your attention and does not get boring at all. They make sure there is plenty to hear and it is as entertaining as you could possibly get it. Each of the band members has some moments to step forward and perform a solo, shine on their own but in general the Germans remain to be a good team, making the total outcome even better. In general the songs are a bit longer than what most bands bring, but it this time is not filled with showing off, playing a solo for showing the ego, the songs are well composed and that is definitely a pro on them. They have their modesty and that brings the result to a higher level.
Overall the band has made a very pleasant album which is easy to listen to. Play it in your car, as a background sound or in hardcore concentration with the headphones on. It is various and entertaining and will be played quite some times, guaranteed.

David Jordan – guitars
Florian Füntmann – guitars
Jan Hoffmann – bass
Janosch Rathmer – drums
Reimut van Bonn – electronics and sounds

01. Into The Black Wide Open
02. The Figrin D’an Boogie
03. Invisible Giants
04. Timebends
05. Arecibo (Long Distance Calling)
06. Middleville
07. Beyond The Void

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