27 November 2021

Thirteen Senses – Chrystal Sounds

Releasedate: 21-02-2011; Label: BSIRIUS/PIAS
By: Sabine van Gameren

Thirteen Senses is a British band formed in …. The band had released their debut “The Invitation” in 2004 and made it to festivals like Pinkpop with it. After that they released their second album “Contact” in 2007 and anno 2011 “Crystal Sounds” sees light.

The first album of the Brits has been full with mellow pop songs, catchy as it can be. With the second release the band went more into the indie direction, and the third album goes in with this ideology. “Crystal Sounds” comes with a little more hyperactivity. Listen to those drums which are pumping it up now. A choice that makes the sound more dynamic. The voice of vocalist Will comes better to its right this way. Making it less boring for those who are not into this music specifically.
The band produced an album that is logic in line with their previous work and seems to feel totally comfortable with their deeper way of getting into it when making these songs ready for you. From something that wasn’t that flat already making something bigger. The band succeeded with this album.

01. Crystal Sounds
02. The Loneliest Star
03. Home
04. Imagine Life
05. Animals
06. After The Retreat
07. I Saw Stars Disappear
08. Answer
09. Out There

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