26 November 2022

Magna Carta Cartel – The Dying Option

Releasedate: 10-06-2022
Label:  Vernal Wov Records

Magna Carta Cartel aka MCC is a Swedish rock band. They have a long and interesting history (in)directly tied to GHOST due to the fact that the mastermind of MCC, Martin Persner, was the Omega in Ghost. Times have changed and Mr. Persner and his wonderful bandmates are back with the second full-length called “The Dying Option“.

“The Dying Option” is all about the melancholic and dreamy tunes dancing with guitar riffs and vocals, coming from the heart and a sincere place. It is raw, emotional and will take you to different journeys depending on your mood and what you are going through. Even though the album is a result of songs written over the years and even some re-recordings, it feels fresh and flows easily.

If you would ask me how to categorize MCC’s music and this album in particular, I would probably scratch my head. It is indeed hard to categorize “The Dying Option”. Yes, it is rock music and it is dreamy but you can tell that the guys are inspired by different genres and movies and this reflects on MCC’s music, colorful and emotional. MCC’s essence is still there but the band is evolving as well, leaving room for experimenting. The second half of “The Dying Option” is a great example of this with songs like Tamsa and Dusk showing us the experimental side of the band.

One surprise for the old fans is definitely Sleepy Eye June. For a very long time the song was available as a demo on YouTube and MCC finally had the chance to re-record this beauty!

“The Dying Option” is definitely one of my favorites of this year. I am sure many of you will dream and escape to different worlds while listening to this gem. Forget about the genres and dive deep in, you will love it!

Martin Persner – guitars, vocals

Pär Glendor – guitars, synths

Arvid Persner – guitars, drums

Niels Nielsen – guitars, synths, production


  1. Arrows
  2. Silence
  3. Darling
  4. Sleepy Eye June
  5. Savantgarde
  6. Don’t Look Now
  7. Tamsa
  8. Valkyria
  9. Dusk
  10. The Dying Option