23 September 2023

Flying Circus – Season 25

Releasedate:   16-09-2022
Label:  Fastball Music

German progrock formation Flying Circus is releasing another album on us. It is called “Season 25” and it is available now.

On this release the band is looking back in time to the album “Seasons” that got out 25 years ago and took some time to have it re-recorded as well as make a version where they added a 2022 flavor onto it. An interesting approach because now you can side by side compare the two.
You can see that here and there a song has been changed a lot. More dynamic, or sometimes just a bit more elaborated, putting the stress on different elements. The remastered files are certainly more raw.
The band self they took the approach of taking the tracks as if they are new musical ideas to be developed. Interesting, they certainly made it suitable for the lineup as they are now and so it seems that they tightened it and create a good balance in their sound. 25 years of experience further and it surely shows.

For fans this can be a no-brainer, but also for people who just get to know them this piece is an interesting one. It shows the develop the band went through and how they are able to switch it towards 2022.


Line up:
  • Rudiger Blömer – keyboard, violin
  • Michael Dorp – vocals
  • Michael Rick – guitars, vocals
  • Ande Roderigo – drums, percussion, vocals
  • Roger Weitz – bass, mandolin


  1. The Jewel City
  2. Footprints in the Sand
  3. In All Ways and Always
  4. Follow The Empress
  5. Seasons
  6. Antigone’s Lament and Triumph
  7. Let It Be Gone
  8. Interior Monologue
  9. Evening Solace
  10. Supersonic Man
  11. Never Again
  12. The Jewel City (Reprise)

    (and then the same list as Season 25 version)