22 September 2023

Black Mirrors – Tomorrow Will Be Without Us

Releasedate: 04-11-2022 Label: Napalm Records

BLACK MIRRORS is an alt/grunge rock band. Formed in 2013, these Belgian rockers took the world by storm with the debut EP “Funky Queen“, which was released in 2017. Having fascinated the audience and fans after live appearances, the band has signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records, soon gaining further praise with the release of their first full-length album, “Look Into The Black Mirror” (2018). Four years have passed and Black Mirrors is back with a brand new full-length “Tomorrow Will Be Without Us”.

“Tomorrow Will Be Without Us” offers ten fantastic tracks bringing in a fresh air of alternative rock. Inspirations from the 90s, especially the garage and grunge rock sound, will catch your attention but beware! Black Mirrors’ own interpretation of the sound is what makes this album such an earcandy. The fire and energy combined with that sense of familiarity make the songs flow. I also loved the themes the band dealt with, which many of you will grasp after the first spin.

One personal highlight for me is Marcella di Troia’s unique vocals. The way she uses her vocals shapes the energy of the songs; a great example of this is “Ode to My Unborn Child”, where we get that blues vibe in this ballad. On the other hand, with songs like “Anthropocene” or the first and last songs “Snake Oil” and “Say it Again”, we feel the true rock’n’roll spirit through her vocals. Another element I loved throughout the album was the incorporation of the fuzzy guitars, which gave the record somewhat of a psychedelic/retro sound!

“Tomorrow Will be Without Us” is definitely recommended to those nostalgic for the 90s rock but also to those who crave that authentic rock sound!

Line up:
  • Marcella di Troia – vocals
  • Pierre Lateur – vocals, guitar
  • Gino Capon – vocals, bass
  • Edouard Cabuy – vocals, drums


  1. Snake Oil
  2. Lost in Desert
  3. Tomorrow Will Be Without Us
  4. Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You
  5. Ode To My Unborn Child
  6. Through The Eyes of a Giant
  7. Collapsology (Raise Your Voice) feat. Alain Johannes
  8. Anthropocene
  9. Tears to Share
  10. Say It Again