31 March 2023

Brant Bjork – Bougainvillea Suite

Releasedate: 28th of October 2022
Label:  Heavy Psych Sounds Records

The name of Brant Bjork is an important part of complete history of desert rock scene. The heavy-experienced member of “Kyuss” and “Fu Manchu” also made his solo career since 1999. This fall, the band rediscovered the good examples of classic rock in “Bougainvillea Suite”.


I know we shouldn’t judge the album by its cover but this time it describes content in the optimal way. Not being the gardener I might try to use metaphors like “the dynamic of the record as bougainvillea’s blooming season”, “gardens explode with color, the melody explodes with major tonality”, “fences erupt in a riot of color during lullabying passages of love and hope” and “aroma of evergreen bougainvillea, not the gulp of dusty desert“. You read it right, sounds a bit creepy.

Let’s forget your expectation from pioneer of desert rock. After all, don’t imagine non-linear melody that varies from slow to rapid and changes for no reasons. Feel the attributes of 70s classic rock. Despite of old motives, the core vibes are fresh and… optimistic.

I’ve listened to the Bougainvillea Suite for dozen times and changed my mind several times.  Not all the flowers turned in bright magenta as bougainvillea would. Here are the four tracks I can recommend: The opening “Trip on the wine” offers us a mysterious trip to psychedelic rock core. Sliding riffs of “Good bones” doubles this effect. The flawless comeback of 70s you can hear in “Bread for Butter”. In my humble opinion,“Let’s forget” is the perfect closing track in the meaning of possibility to reopen this album. For peace and love.

There is no guarantee “Bougainvillea Suite” will melt your heart, but you will be touched for sure.

Line up:
  • Brant Bjork 


1.Trip On The Wine
2. Good Bones
3. So They Say
4. Broke That Spell
5. Bread For Butter
6. Ya’ Dig
7. Let’s Forget
8. Who Do You Love?


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