Jord – Måne

Releasedate:   22-04-2022
Label:  Northern Silence

Jord is a Swedish musician named Jörgen Ström which has played in various bands through the years. Last year he released a Black Metal album named “Sol” and anno 2022 he returns with “Måne”.

Album opener “Vägvisaren vet” is a track that reminds a slight bit to Alcest, a post metal feel to it with a melodic build-up but when getting into “Trollsk kvinna” a bit heavier parts come in as well to bring some change into it. It is a glimpse of how you get transported through the songs, smoothly from one thing to another never too abrupt. The album flows easily from one moment to another and while it has a good variation it is still all in good line with the each other.

Halfway the album you find the track “Fran Hamn Mot Land”, One that sticks in mind most after listening the album for it’s dreamy atmosphere. A great one to accompany you on a trip with a nice follow up with “Kom Sanning”. The two tracks are showing a bit more of the raw side, giving it a darker edge.

The album closes with a beautiful piano piece. A nice way to end the record with, a bit mellow and bringing peace of mind.

Altogether Jord is bringing us a release that follows up on the debut nicely. Mare variation, yet a stronger defined personality in the sound. “Måne” chooses its own way presents itself. One have to open up and let the music define that for you.


Jord -  Måne


  1. Vägvisaren vet
  2. Trollsk kvinna
  3. Kontraktet
  4. uD
  5. Fran hamn mot land
  6. Kom sanning
  7. Mot Roncevalles
  8. Hösten