Thanateros – On Frail Wings

Releasedate:  25-03-2022
Label:  Echozone

Thanateros is a German formation making Gothic metal for over two decades. The band has been on hiatus for some years but returned in 2018 and are now bringing their second album since that. It is called “On Frail Wings” and it is available now.

Listening to the tracks you can hear a couple of influences. In a moment you hear the old-Tiamat records but then there are some Celtic Frost feelings into it. Perhaps the guys are a bit more on the melodic side of it though. With a typical German touch to their sound the band makes identity clear in a few tracks. It is easy to pick up on and tracks “Coven of The Drowned” or “Burn” stick in mind easily.

However, on the second half of the album you start to feel the song are a bit too recognizable, maybe not enough variation here to keep you at it and since the album has a long playtime of almost an hour, they do give their fans enough for their money, the band could had a track in there that jumped out a bit more.

With “Nothing Lasts Forever” they do have a bit of an upper at the end of the release, but whether the “Running Up That Hill” cover that concludes it all is a winner is debatable.

The Thanateros album has a stronger start than what it ends with, but looking at the whole product the band has its moments. Hopefully they can expand on their highlights more for a future release to have a varied album you want to listen from start to finish.

Line up:
  • Ben Richter – Vocals
  • Chris Ryll – Bass
  • Chris Lang – Guitars
  • Christof Uhlmann – Violin
  • Marcus Hotz – Drums


  1. Kybalion (Time to Fly)
  2. Burn
  3. On the Barricades
  4. Coven of the Drowned
  5. Passengers
  6. Black Forest Calling
  7. We Are the Ravens
  8. Source of It All
  9. Solitude
  10. Fading
  11. Nothing Lasts Forever