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5x New – week 04

GHOST is back! Here comes the brand new video “Call Me Little Sunshine” (Crowley reference, anyone?). The song is from the band’s upcoming album “IMPERA”, out on March 11th.
Here comes the second single from the newcomer German pagan metal act SAGENBRINGER! The debut album will be released later this year.
OLD SPIRIT is a new creation of Jason Hartman, who is renown for Svart recording artists Vanishing Kids as well as being a frequent collaborator with Jex Thoth. By and large a solo effort, OLD SPIRIT indeed lives up to its moniker with a wild ‘n’ weird amalgamation of elder heavy metal and hard rock tropes, all done with Hartman’s characteristically lysergic sensibilities.
The self-titled debut mini album will be released on February 2022 via BRIGHT AS NIGHT records.