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5x New – week 03

Finnish melodic metal icons SONATA ARCTICA are pleased to officially unveil the perfect soundtrack to those cozy hours in front of your fireplace with the first part of their two-piece Acoustic Adventures album, available today on Atomic Fire!
Following the critically acclaimed 2020- debut album, The Funeral Pyre, Sweden based solo-project KVAEN is gearing up for the release of its sophomore album, entitled The Great Below, which will be coming out on March 25 via Black Lion Records. After the previously-released title track of the album (feat. Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy), today KVAEN has shared another hotly appetizer taken from the upcoming album.
“Tales” is a musical short story collection. The EP contains 3 tracks that not only have in common that they start with the phrase “Tales of” in their song title, but also that each track got a self-contained story largely based on personal experiences. For example “Tales of a Girl” is about being in love with a specific person that does not feel the same way and, as a result, the struggle to finally letting go or to keep on trying. Nadine Hope, who lent her voice to a track on last year’s EP “Lost and Separated”, maintains the vocals again.
“The video for ‘Heart Of Tank’ was shoot in different places, and we added some scenes taken from war documentaries. Each band member has his own battlefield. We had fun making the video because we tried to mix old video clips with new ones. It was like entering history and those visual tales, which are terribly real”, explains the band.