Ewiniar – Burning The Night

Releasedate:  2021

Ewiniar is a Croatian couple making music together. Their sound lays between Melodic Rock and Goth Rock. In 2021 the band released their debut album. It is called “Burning The Night” and it is available now.

The duo has a good basis for the songs. All of the instruments are done by Marin. In many projects where there is one person doing all of these it turns out that only one of them stands out and the rest maintains basic, but in here there is a good balance between all of them.
Katarina’s vocals are suiting well with the Gothic theme, but with a bit of a Pop edge the variance is quite there. No wonder that the songs are not always so stereotypical Goth rock but are looking further beyond that then you would think at first.

The variation comes also from the kind of tracks the two have included in the release. Some are slow and dark where others are more driving towards lighter moments. Interesting effects here and there and the album is giving a good first impression of this duo.

For live they may have to expand a bit, but that are worries for later. Ewiniar made a fine first release, easy to listen to and giving enough basis to make us realize that with some time they can grow substantially. We see the potential, let’s keep an eye on this.

Line up:
  • Marin – Instruments
  • Katarina – Vocals 


  1. Against the Stream
  2. Under the Stars
  3. Years of Heaven
  4. Mother
  5. Midnight Sun
  6. Suspiria
  7. Until the End of Time
  8. Seekers of the Sense
  9. Burning the Night