Stargo – Dammbruch

Releasedate:   17-12-2021

Stargo is a German Stoner formation founded in 2008. Two years later they came with a debut album and right at the end of 2021 the latest release of the guys sees light. It is called “Dammbruch” and it is available now.

The album contains three lengthy tracks. The first one is parted into four pieces which seamlessly form its complete track. The band is fully instrumental so the quest to make it a release that people can stick with is there. Not all listeners are prone to keep their attention with lengthy instrumental tracks while perhaps the Stoner fans are more used to it. But the thing with this release is that it overgrows the genre a bit. It’s accessible, it’s vibrant and uplifting, it is appealing for fans of other genres.

The band proves to be king in building their tensions and transition between parts in an organic way, never too abrupt, always with a smooth sense. Listen to example to the first track, which has clearly defined parts but you are never thrown back and forth with it.

The last track on the release, “Bathysphere” has hypnotic start that eventually calms down a bit, bringing you to some zen moments where the guitars are having a bit of a spotlight moment.

Altogether this Stargo release is surprising us well. The ease it has, the pleasant way the band guides you through it is simply stunning. We have the yearlists published already otherwise it would have made it in there for sure. But, then we’ll add it to the 2022 shortlist for sure.


Line up:
  • Nordin – Vocals, Guitar
  • Stefan – Bass, Synths
  • Karsten – Drums


  1. Dammbruch
    I. First Cracks
    II. From An Eagle’s Eye
    III. Dambreach
    IV. In A Nutshell
  2. Copter
  3. Bathysphere