Shadecrown – Solitarian

Release date:  17.09.2021
Label: Inverse Records

Shadecrown is a Finnish melodic death & doom metal band. They have been present since 2013 in the Nordic metal scene and ‘Solitarian’ is their 3rd full length record. You can really find every element of melodeath and doom metal in this pretty solid effort. So let’s dive right into it.

The band’s sound is somewhere between the mighty and unforgettable Sentenced and melodeath pioneers Insomnium. Doomy elements are added with the extra help of haunting keyboards. As soon as I heard the intro Dark Heart Replica blasting in, I instantly regretted that I had not listened to Shadecrown before. Oh well, it’s never too late for a headbanger to discover a new band to lament to.

I’m really torn between the aforementioned track and the Sentenced-like Momentary Trails. I guess both ended up being my faves of the record. Momentary Trails with its beast of growling vocals and extremely melodic chorus and keyboard solo followed by a guitar one and eerie keys that call to mind a Type 0 Negative vibe. The band seems to blend all their favorite styles into their own sound. Slivers is such a rapid fire with an uptempo pace. The Loss is the exact opposite, it is an epic melancholic ballad that projects Swallow The Sun. It might end up being the band’s most memorable legacy in time. These two tracks are the most streamed ones of the record on Spotify. So the band does not disappoint as they transitionally switch the mood between the tracks in a seamless manner. Even though there is no clean vocals in the record, I can easily say their sound is undoubtedly my cup of tea.

Shadecrown deserves more recognition in the metal scene, I hope they will be able to do shows in the metal fests all over Europe this upcoming season. ‘Solitarian’ is highly recommended to the ones who know their metal.

Line up:
  • Jari Hokka – Vocals
  • Tomi Tikka & Joonas Vesamäki – Guitars
  • Saku Tammelin – Keyboards
  • Janne Salmelin – Bass & Backing vocals
  • Kalle Varonen – Drums

1.The Awakening
2.Dark Heart Replica
3.Momentary Trails
5.The Loss
6.Aeon’s Still